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Food Truck Life Style

Secure your success with a personalized app that puts your food truck on the map - literally.

Knocks out the competition, and helps you enjoy the Food Truck Life Style.

Launch Your Food Truck Dream with The Mobile App Co.

Congratulations on your food truck dream. Now, it's time to amplify your success.

Due to high demand, we have a waiting list, but you will need to subscribe to secure your spot..

Subscribe now, start getting your community to download your Mobile App now, this will allow you to send a message & everyone will receive it verses hoping they do on social media.

Your Mobile App will connect to all social media platforms and help build a following.

Your first payment on subscription kickstarts developers in crafting your unique mobile app and submitting in less than a week, testing is what takes time with apple & google play. Then once your app has been approved for download it will be live.

White Glove Service – Your Ultimate Growth Partner

This all-inclusive service guarantees you a privileged spot on bi-weekly team calls when you NEED TEAM Support in fostering your business's path to victory.

You’ll also gain entry into exclusive Facebook community, connecting you with fellow Food Truck pioneers who are crushing it with their MOBILE APP and happy to share their best practices!

We will assist you in crafting a unique mobile app and a 9 step marketing strategy, targeting your customer demographics.

Current owners, you have advantage to have your clientel to tell all their friends to Download your app!

New Owners we then set the wheels in motion for new food truck owners 90 days before your grand opening, ensuring a thunderous launch in your chosen area!

Winning from the Starting Line

Be part of the business owners who witness impressive figures in their first 90 days, building a solid foundation for their business future.

Simply subscribe and pay a monthly fee of $129.99 to start your success journey today.

Your Custom Mobile Business App

A Revolution in Your Pocket!

Become a trailblazer with a custom mobile app that keeps your customers engaged and your business ever-present on their devices.

Customers no longer have to hunt online or on Facebook; you're just a tap away!

Getting Started Has Never Been Easier

If you can text, email, or send a photo, you can create your own mobile app!

After subscribing, just log in, upload your menu items, and your logo!

Our cutting-edge technology sets to work, assembling your custom business mobile app in minutes and then will be sent to the Developer for testing to go LIVE!

Manage Your Business Mobile App - Anytime, Anywhere.

  • Real-time menu and pricing updates

  • Instant updates on specials and events

  • Send push notifications at the touch of a button connecting directly to new customers who have downloaded your app!

  • Enable mobile orders for pick-up

  • Conduct touchless transactions to avoid paying an employee at the WINDOW or to Keep your Line MOVING!

Our Plan is Tailored for Your Business

TMAC creates a direct line between your business and your customers' MOBILE DEVICE.

Your customers are always moving, and so are you!

Share your food truck's location to yield higher number of orders monthly, send push notifications, and alert them about specials and events.

We also craft and post 8 social media posts monthly as part of our package to help you MAKRET YOUR MOBILE APP ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

Start your subscription today for a flawless launch in just 90 days.


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